Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Squarepeg - Secret Life of Plankton

Photo: Shankar S

Sinking, upright. Your feet flat and legs limp - limp but straight. Arms loose by your sides. Each layer of water you seem to pass through is broken by your body and ripples out in circles. Tiny pulsations, tiny waves beneath the waves. Bubbles burst out of your mask and up, up, passing through layers and layers.

Secret Life of Plankton is taken from Harbour City EP and out via Pink Silver's Net Label. An avant-garde techno and electronic music label based in Melbourne, their 20th release is an offering from Simon Mann, Trinity & Beyond, Maby and the more dub-orientated techno release from Squarepeg.

.Squarepeg - Secret Life of Plankton

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Let us take the space, in the quiet, amidst the trees. We'll stockpile wood in the studio, hang origami from the eaves. We will sit on the floor, in the space between full flight and restlessness. And go, when we go, stay, sit, wait, and then come back.

I wrote a few months ago about Rory McPike and his work with new collective Colossal Heads. Colossal Heads has since reinvented itself, and the collective is now called Ssllooww. After the more house/techno sounds of Colossal Heads One, Ssllooww has also released an EP from SHSJ on more of a bass music tip. CAN-D is the first track taken from the release, which is a very interesting journey through long ambient pauses and slow breakbeats.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rupert - So High

Dear god, the moon was so large. Round and yellowing, sitting smugly just beyond the tops of buildings. We'd never seen the moon so close before. He was tired of being lonely, hanging back way, way up in the sky and so here he was. He wanted us to marvel in him and we did. Underneath his heavy fullness we lounged around the verandah showering in cheap champagne like unruly teenagers. Records played. We drank the wine we did not spill. Finally, we fell into mountains of pillows and cushions as the moon retreated upwards, watching us as we marvelled in each other.

There is not much information kicking around out there about this producer, except that he is from Sydney. There is a beautiful optimism that patters away in this track underneath the fast, unruly hi-hats. Download Rupert's two-track EP So High / Jam Thing at his Bandcamp and follow him on Soundcloud.

.Rupert - So High

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Roppongi Sky - VEJ

Photo: keaeatsrice

Colliding / revolving / evolving. There is a numbness in their legs, creeping up, eating at kneecaps pulling at tendons. They sit in the corner on a pot plant / a pot / a plant - not too sure anymore. Blues and reds and greens are dominant, the sky is white - white-hot / midnight. Like a midnight sun, she imagines. Other people, they dance inside, in fast forward, still not being able to keep up. Their minds run a million miles an hour and she looks at him for an hour which is actually a second and look, it's still midnight.

My oh my, what a fantastic release from Gold Coast residing Roppongi Sky. To tell you the truth, I'd never heard of the guy until I got a wonderful email from the wonderful label that is Ender. You might remember Ender due to a post I did a while ago on their fantastic label children Chupi and Total Stranger. Queensland, at it again. Download the two-track EP here.

.Roppongi Sky - VEJ