Sunday, June 30, 2013


Let us take the space, in the quiet, amidst the trees. We'll stockpile wood in the studio, hang origami from the eaves. We will sit on the floor, in the space between full flight and restlessness. And go, when we go, stay, sit, wait, and then come back.

I wrote a few months ago about Rory McPike and his work with new collective Colossal Heads. Colossal Heads has since reinvented itself, and the collective is now called Ssllooww. After the more house/techno sounds of Colossal Heads One, Ssllooww has also released an EP from SHSJ on more of a bass music tip. CAN-D is the first track taken from the release, which is a very interesting journey through long ambient pauses and slow breakbeats.