Thursday, April 12, 2012

Motion Picture Actress - I Don't Want to Be Alone

Photo: thomas moore

The little girl, well, she was five or six I suppose and she sat cross-legged in the middle of the hallway. The hall was not yet completed, and the skeleton of scaffolding surrounded her, and paint was splattered like forever lasting raindrops and sheets draped themselves precariously over the bones of the scaffolding, limp, and unrestrained. Throughout all the days of building she sat, cross-legged, unmoving. And when the grandoise thing was finished, she closed her eyes and smiled. It was then she was able to release her unconsciousness and fill the hallway with its grey whisps and coloured marks. She filled the hallway, and the energy sped along it's carefully construed walls indefinitely, a rush of tumbling matter forever untamed.

Motion Picture Actress, the talented and latest addition to the fabulous Silo Collective, has humbly put this track together for our latest Portals Mixtape. You can download the April tape here. Thank you and I hope you do enjoy!

Motion Picture Actress - I Don't Want to Be Alone

Genre: Sensory Overload

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