Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deez - Donkey

"That wasn't enough for you."

Your clothes, scattered throughout our room, I mean my room. The room. That room. The room with the closed door and the closed windows, with darkness sitting in the corner, welcoming itself in. Empty wine bottles and broken glasses lace the floors and stain the walls. A siren rattles past our building. My building. The building. That building on the corner of four streets.

Since I received this wonderful submission last week sometime, I've been listening to Caveman Vol 2 incessantly trying to choose a favourite. Deez is a Melbourne residing beat-maker, his beattape a wonderful collection of sweet vocals and atmospheric synths. Donkey here, is a little bit different. But best listen to the release in full.

Deez - Donkey

Genre: Former times


  1. It's full of rips from donkey kong country son SNES

    1. gotta pay respect to the classics! haha :)