Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Woman Was The Word

(Album art by Heather Daniels)
Woman Was The Word: A Multimedia Project curated by Absent Fever.
Absent Fever is a free digital release label run by Tyler of Flashlight Tag and Eloise of verb/re/verb.
Woman Was The Word from Heather Daniels on Vimeo.

Eloise: "Woman Was the Word is a project Tyler and I envisioned in observation of the nature in which women are present in the art world, specifically in regards to music. We found that though women are present, their presence is often unknown or unrecognized. While most fields are male dominant, this may not be entirely true in visual arts and music. Women are present, but in a community like the blog community, the presence of their talents can often go under-appreciated in the almost camouflage nature of blogging. The idea of the project was to unveil and illuminate the persistent talents of females whilst tying together all aspects of this community. We asked three remarkable female bloggers to write pieces, poetry, stories, about anything that made them feel inspired to put pen to paper. The three bloggers who participated were Holly of East to West, Katie of Heavy Percussion, and Nada of Friends With Both Arms. Those three pieces they wrote were then interpreted by three female musicians who we asked to make original songs inspired by the writing. The three musicians who participated were Elizabeth Rose (who’s song was inspired by Holly’s piece), Rachel Levy (who’s song was inspired by Katie’s piece), and Yohuna + Adelyn Rose (who’s song was inspired by Nada’s piece). All three songs were then sent to a female artist and videographer, Heather Daniels, who created one video for all three tracks. In result, we’ve received art across all mediums that pay magnificent tribute to the work of women in this world and we’d like to share it with you."
You can download the three songs here and below are the three pieces written by the bloggers for the project:
1. Elizabeth Rose-  Throw Me To The Stars  (Inspired by East to West)
2. Rachel Levy-  Pierced  (Inspired by Heavy Percussion)
3. Yohuna & Adelyn Rose-  All The Slow Songs (Waiting)  (Inspired by Friends With Both Arms)

A piece by me :

For me, this project has been a huge inspiration and a testament to the creativity of those around me (whether in the same city or across the globe). Eloise and Tyler's ability to unite this project has been fantastic. Many a chat we've had where we've asked "but where are all the female bloggers?" I know I personally have often been mistaken for a dude (perhaps due to my at times vulgar nature *enter stereotypes) but I think it's much more than that. Men dominate so many visible parts of industry, perhaps just because they do things first. This perception then lingers, and prevents people from delving deeper. Thus, this is a great proclamation of female solidarity and a great big waving banner that, yes, we are here.

On a side note, I wrote this piece in about 15 minutes on the train one day in the back of a brown pocket book I keep for such occasions. It was a complete free-fall of prose as I had one of those enlightening moments where past meets present and it all kind of makes sense. Enjoy.
Of all the hopelessness that came before –
Dripping in great blue drops down to the floor
And mixing with a scattering of cheap delights.
Thoughts were wild, untamed,
And unruliness reigned –
Vying to fill an ever-deepening void.
But one by one, the sparks did come –
First heat, then smoke, then flame.
A blazoning heat, an unstoppable heat –
Together, we’re fueling the fire.
Now I’m warm inside,
With you on my mind;
Chaos is now order,
As hope is reignited. 
So the ice does thaw,
As the intensity calls
And our fire burns long into the night.
A piece by Katie (Heavy Percussion) :
I’m laying in shades of green and grey
I don’t want to look at you
This isn’t happiness
Even though we pretend it’s so
Across the ocean she still holds your heart
You’re too scared to give it me
It’s always the same story
Unwilling to let go
Unwilling to swim
Still I go through the motions
Trying to break through your heart
As I end up breaking my own
A piece by Nada (Friends With Both Arms):
Preserved, in all fragility- I maintained. 
A discourse in observtion, uninterested.
Bored of all the slow songs, off key.
Men of all kinds to come, and 
repeat their words; all the same. 
Eager, at my feet. Dull. 
Possessed by no dimension, flat surfaces
and borrowed stories. Parades of conquest, 
broad shoulders, forced chivalry. Bored. 
I was without a warm body but my own. 
Revelled in, outstretched limbs to a bed, unshared.
Delighted in freedom. 
Never to decorate myself in fear, in hope.
I was of my own, belonging to no one but my
own heart, and perhaps only that of my father’s. 
But you were unplanned, unknown.
Your tongue, without all the sweet words
I knew, no charm, no steady smile. 
Your offer: simply that we’d love.  
All thoughts and worry of self maintenance- dissolved. 
All consciousness of self, and all the weight of I, relinquished.
I would not be yours, you would not be mine
But we would walk in rhythm, together
until our skin aged and loosened
until our silhouettes made new shapes
until our children would see us out of this world,
walking, in stride. 
I knew myself little, before you. 
It was in love, that I knew the
reasons for all my lonely, young breaths.
Waiting, for you. 


  1. I would like to know which sample is used by Elizabeth in "Throw me to the stars", it seems like an old song. Thanks a lot

  2. Hey Anonymous!
    The sample is from an Al Bowlly track called Guilty.

  3. thank you so much!